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      As Appc Daemon maintains it's own configuration similar to appc ti config - so the studio has to get and set the configurations directly from the daemon.

      And the Important thing here is - both are having different keys and they have to work seamlessly when we switch between appc to appcd and vice-versa.

      $ appc appcd config 

      Mapping from appc ti config to appcd config found here:

      Few things to be noted:

      1. Studio doesn't reflect ti config settings anymore - Need to provide clear documentation
      2. It might be confusing for the user when to use ti config and appc appcd config - Need to provide clear documentation
      3. Migrating old users - Looks like during the daemon startup for the first time we are importing ti config settings to appcd config
      4. Different keys. Example: android.sdkPath in the appc ti config and android.sdk.searchPaths in the appc appcd config
      5. When user disabled daemon - he will not be able to see any of his previous studio configuration settings since the previous settings were stored in the appcd config.

      Here is the complete list of configuration parameters need to be handled.

      Appc Ti config                       Appd Config                     New Data Type
      ('android.adb.port',                  'android.adb.port',                'number');
      ('android.appInstallTimeout',         'android.adb.install.timeout',     'number');
      ('android.appStartTimeout',           'android.adb.start.timeout',       'number');
      ('android.appStartRetryInterval',     'android.adb.start.retryInterval', 'number');
      ('android.emulatorStartTimeout',      'android.emulator.start.timeout',  'number');
      ('android.executables.aapt',          'android.executables.aapt');
      ('android.executables.adb',           'android.executables.adb');
      ('android.executables.aidl',          'android.executables.aidl');
      ('android.executables.dx',            'android.executables.dx');
      ('android.executables.emulator',      'android.executables.emulator');
      ('android.executables.ndkbuild',      'android.executables.ndkbuild');
      ('android.executables.zipalign',      'android.executables.zipalign');
      ('android.ndkPath',                   'android.ndk.searchPaths',         'array');
      ('android.sdkPath',                   'android.sdk.searchPaths',         'array');
      ('genymotion.executables.genymotion', 'android.genymotion.executables.genymotion');('genymotion.executables.player',     'android.genymotion.executables.player');('genymotion.executables.vboxmanage', 'android.virtualbox.executables.vboxmanage');
      ('genymotion.home',                   'android.genymotion.home');
      ('genymotion.path',                   'android.genymotion.searchPaths',  'array');
      ('java.executables.jarsigner',        'java.executables.jarsigner');
      ('',             '');
      ('java.executables.javac',            'java.executables.javac');
      ('java.executables.keytool',          'java.executables.keytool');
      ('java.home',                         'java.home');
      ('',          '');
      ('osx.executables.xcodeSelect',       'ios.executables.xcodeSelect');
      ('paths.xcode',                       'ios.xcode.searchPaths',           'array');




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