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    • Affects Version/s: Release 4.3.3
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    • Component/s: Windows
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      Appcelerator Studio, build:

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      2016 Sprint 05 Studio


      I am trying to publish my App to Windows Store,
      According to Appcelerator Docs :

      Under Package for Windows Phone Store with Studio, it says there is an option as Windows Store to publish the app, but in my studio this option is not available, I've also tried this on other machines with fresh installations but its not available on that machines too.

      In the manifest when I tried to add Windows Publisher Id under <Windows> tag it throws error as,
      "Invalid content was found starting with element 'windows'. One of '

      {sdk-version, deployment-targets, id, name, version, publisher, url, description, copyright, icon, persistent-wifi, prerendered-icon, statusbar-style, statusbar-hidden, fullscreen, navbar-hidden, analytics, guid, iphone, android, ios, mobileweb, tizen, ivi, property, modules, plugins, extensions}

      ' is expected"

      I have also tried to Publish the app by right clicking the project -> Publish -> Windows Phone Distribution, which opens a new Dialogue Box but there is no option to create a new certificate, as mentioned in the docs.


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