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Provide better default styling in the template apps


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      Provide better default styling in the template apps

      The default project templates we have are great from a functionality standpoint (as well as for demos, etc...).

      HOWEVER, we could make a major better impression as folks start building their UI, if we had a default style setup. For example, we do it for ".container" and "Label" but nothing else. I hope we can add based sample styles for more controls, specifically for TabStyle, TextField, Button, TableView, TableViewRow, ScrollView, ScrollableView.

      Also, would be nice to provide some Android Material Design style colors into the template apps as well.

      As an example of the impact this can have consider the two tabbed template app on iPhone and Android (see screen shot).

      See what happens as I try to create a login screen and add two textfields and two buttons (see screen shot).

      See what happens if I apply some basic style (see screen shot). Not fantastic but better than the default. In fact, without hintText, using the default textField style, you cannot even see the textFields on iOS.

      Imagine what we could do if Fokke or Bert provide some of their tss files that they already have.




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