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Android modules are not recognized as Java projects


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      As of the release of Titanium (& Studio) 3.3.0, old Android modules project had to be recreated (the structure having changed, the new build scripts wouldn't build an project created previously).

      However, new projects, even though they "build" through the script, are not proper Java projects anymore and can not be worked on via Titanium Studio. Even when imported in ADT they are pure "text" projects and no autocompletion or syntax validation is available anymore.

      How to reproduce

      Having properly installed the following SDKS :
      Android 4.4.2, Android 4.1.2, Android 2.3.3
      And having the NDK installed and properly configured in studio.

      From an empty workspace, when you create a new Android module (in the example named bob, with id com.bob), everything seems to work fine, no errors are displayed during the creation and you now get a structure where source files are in android/src/com/bob folder :

      The Java files no longer appear as part of a package.
      There are no jar dependencies shown.
      It's not even a proper Java project anymore.

      I have removed a ";" in the screenshot to show that the syntax validation didn't pick it up.
      When using autocomplete, you get the following message (cf. screenshot) "This compilation unit is not on the build path of a Java project".

      When removing the fake syntax error, the module packages fine, however it can no longer be worked on properly : no proper Java editing, have to "guess" all the fields.

      I have reinstalled Titanium Studio from scratch to make sure it was not related to a problem in the update mechanism.

      This is a complete nightmare for me since I have no longer the capability of editing my Android modules on my projects.


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