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After building, Studio is still showing 'Launching delegate' in progress


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      2014 Sprint 11 Studio, 2014 Sprint 25 Studio


      Problem description

      After building an application, it could happen that the app is built and runs fine, but Appc-Studio seems to be still doing something in the background - specifically, ‘Launching delegate’, displaying an ongoing activity in the bottom-right corner, staying stuck at 57%.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create an iOS app and build for iOS device
      Result: app is built and run correctly. However, in the bottom-right corner of Studio, there is an ongoing process (see Screen Shot 2014-05-28).
      Expected result: Studio should show no ongoing process.

      2. Click on the bottom-right progress bar
      Result: Progress window is displayed, showing details on the ongoing process ("Launching delegate" progress information is shown). See Screen Shot 2014-05-28.
      Expected result: no ongoing Studio progress should be shown.

      See the attached screenshots

      3. Perform further actions on the app project (build, clean workspace etc...)
      Result: It is actually possible then to do everything (build, clean workspaces etc…).

      It seems Studio is not really hang in there, but it shows to stay in the state as shown in the screenshots.
      So far has been reproduced when building/running an App on iOS device.

      Additional notes

      It seems there could be a memory issue too - still not sure if related to this, but at the time of writing and while experiencing the described behavior, checking Activity Monitor, Appc-Studio is using ~400MB of memory which seems to be too much. Investigating.




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