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Appcelerator Studio: JS library causes Studio to hang during index


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      2014 Sprint 03


      Issue description

      Including the attached file (source here -> https://github.com/mbostock/d3/blob/master/d3.min.js) in an Appcelerator Studio project, causes the "building workspace, indexing" task to hang indefinitely.

      The task cannot be cancelled and requires studio to be forcibly shut down (top menu bar gets stuck and no possible action can be done) E.G. BuildingWorkspace_Indexing.jpg

      Actual behaviour

      Appcelerator Studio to hang and require a force quit if a specific file is added to a project.

      Steps to reproduce

      Attach JS library attached and monitor indexing progress (E.G. BuildingWorkspace_Indexing_IDE.jpg).

      Additional information

      Once, library is included the workaround is to store this library in a folder that is marked derived in studio, so it does not index.

      (1) In Project Explorer view, click on the drop-down arrow on the upper-right corner and select Customize View...;
      (2) In the Filters tab, uncheck Titanium Resources Folder and click OK;
      (3) The "Resources" folder should now appear under the alloy project;
      (4) Right-click on the Resources folder and select Properties;
      (5) Make the "Derived" attribute checked and click OK.


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