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Intermittent debugger fails to create a second thread


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Low
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: Titanium Studio 1.0.4
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Debugging
    • Environment:

      Mac OSX 10.7, Titanium Studio build:, SDK 1.8.0.v20110819142548 (version=1.8.0 timestamp=08/19/11 14:25 githash=56b54a2...)


      1. Create a new project called debug_test and replace its Resources folder with the attached Resources folder
      2. From TiStudio go to debug view
      3. In the breakpoint window, right-click to Import Breakpoints...
      4. Browse to breakpoint-basic.bkpt
      5. Run in debug on Android emulator
      (breakpoint 1 hits import.js:6)
      6. From TiStudio click 'Step over'
      7. Resume (hit breakpoint 2 app.js:74)
      8. From TiStudio click 'Step return'
      9. Resume (no breakpoint hit)
      10. On emulator click 'anonymous f/g' button (breakpoint 3 hits app.js:9)
      11. From TiStudio click 'step over'
      12. From TiStudio click 'step over'
      13. From TiStudio click 'step into'
      14. Resume (Confirm resumes until breakpoint 3 hit again)
      15. Resume (no breakpoint hit)
      16. On emulator click 'open window'

      Expected results:
      Second thread appears in IDE: [kroll$2] and new window opens on application

      Actual results:
      Clicking 'open window' does not create a new thread in the IDE and a new window does not open on the application

      When I pressed Resume, a new thread was created for every time I clicked 'open window'. See attached screenshot and androiddebugger.log.
      I ran into this issue on the Android emulator. I have not seen it on the iPhone simulator, but I have not worked with the iPhone simulator as much and because it is an intermittent bug, I really can't say if it is exclusively an issue on Android.
      I think this is a TISTUD issue, but if not, let me know I'll make a corresponding TIMOB issue

      I tried to get it to repro in 1.7.2 and couldn't, but being that it is an intermittent issue I'm a bit hesitant to call it a regression bug.




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