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Intellisense Auto Code Completion is not working


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      Steps to Reproduce

      I updated my Titanium Studio to 3.2.0 and since that day the Intellisense hasn't been working. I just spend another 3 hours trying to find a solution, but now I'm giving up.

      I've tried to remove TS and reinstall it, but everytime I open it and start to write code the auto completion of TS SDK is not showing any API after the .UI API.

      So if I type T, then I can see option for API's such as Ti. Titanium. , And If I use Ti. then I can see all API related to Ti, but they are grey and say 'No description available'. If I select 'Ti.UI'. then I can't se any API for creating new object. such as createView, createImageView and so on.

      Actual Result

      No Intellisense Auto Code Completion

      Expected Result

      Intellisense Auto Code Completion


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