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Studio freezes if the user enter only credentials without proxy settings after logout from proxy


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      This is an edge case where the Studio freezes if the proxy details are already saved in preferences, but user logs out in the previous session. Steps to reproduce :

      1) Login into Studio and set proxy server details.
      2) Now, logout from Studio.
      3) In the login screen, enter only user login credentials (the proxy server details are not shown in the proxy dialog, though they are saved in the preferences).
      4) Studio prompts for proxy user id & pwd. If the details are not submitted before the dashboard is opened, then Studio freezes.

      Workaround : Restarting Studio will help fix this problem.

      Ideally, we should load the proxy server preferences during the login screen of splash handlers. Since we didn't load any of the proxy details, we didn't end up with setting the simple proxy authenticator, thereby Eclipse prompts to enter the proxy user id/pwd. Since dashboard also tries to make network connection at the same time, it end up in a deadlock.


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