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iOS: Configuration - Should be able to filter for iPad simulators if installing an iPhone only app


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      2013 Sprint 24


      Details: Currently, if you created an iPhone only app and want to launch a simulator, you can only select the iPhone simulator from the global toolbar (see toolbar.png).

      However, there should be the option to allow you to select iPad simulators from the global toolbar and Run Configurations.

      And, this should also apply to iPad only app i.e. if you created an iPad only app, you should not be able to select iPhone simulators in the global toolbar and Run Configurations.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create an iPhone only app from Studio
      2. Go to the device global toolbar and select iOS Simulator

      Actual: Only iPhone simulators are available (see toolbar.png).
      Expected: iPad simulators should appear in the global toolbar.

      3. Next, create an iPad only app from Studio
      4. Go to Run Configurations for this app; iPhone simulators do not appear in global toolbar
      5. Create an iOS Simulator for the app
      6. Select Device Profile

      Actual: iPhone simulators appear in the drop down (see device_profiles.png).
      Expected: iPhone simulators should not appear in the Device Profile drop down for iPad only apps.





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