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Improve platform configuration wizard UI


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      2013 Sprint 18


      The current platform configuration wizard might need to be polished to get the design closer to the UX designed by Tyrus.

      1) Increase spacing between Android SDK Entities : The Android SDK entities looks busy as they are very close to each other.

      2) Version should be prepended to the versions being displayed : The current version displayed for each platform is just the number and does not indicate what it is for. It should be prepended by 'Version' or 'SDK'.

      3) Remove the gap between separators : When the advance details is expanded, the gap between details section and separator should be avoided.

      4) Expand the details section to cover all the width.

      5) Hide the Advanced Details button/label incase if the platform has nothing to display in the details section.

      6) If the SDK location path is very big, then wizard is expanded to wide enough to show the complete path. We need to set a maximum width for the configuration wizard.




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