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Code Analyzer: Alloy: When a Warning or Error is found for an Alloy project, code gutter icons are added to the Resources project files, not to App folder



      Problem description

      When a Warning or Error is found by the Code Analyzer for an Alloy project, Warning or Error icons are placed in the code gutter in the Resources file projects instead than in the App file projects. The result is that the Project is now marked with the red/white error icon and the 'Errors in Workspace' alert is displayed every time the project is being build.

      'Resources' folder is by default not visible for Alloy projects on Studio, so the default result is also that the project is marked with an error icon, but the user can't see any other red error icon next to any visible Project file.

      Also, having an error or a warning reported for the Alloy compiled code in the Resources folder is not adding much value for the user as the intended behavior is not to manually modify the compiled code files in the Resources (user should only handle Alloy files, all included into the App folder).

      Steps to reproduce

      Paste the sample code. Note the code error in the controller.js , where foobar is actually not a function.
      The error is correctly reported by the Code Analyzer (see the screenshot), also getting the correct position in the Alloy project.
      However, in Studio the Error icon is placed in 'Resources/alloy/controllers/index.js' , which is hidden by default and should in any case manually modified by the user.


      	backgroundColor : 'blue'


      	<Window title="Win 1" id='mainwin'>
      		<Label>I am Window 1</Label>


      Alloy projects could also be displaying errors or warning relative to compiled code, generated by Alloy, not necessarily linked to "App" alloy files created by the user but only present in "Resources" folder.


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