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Allow users to add new platform targets after project creation


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      While testing studio, it was noted that new deployment targets could not be added to an existing project. For example, a project created for an Android deployment had the iOS targets grayed out.

      It is possible to manually edit TiApp.xml to set targets to true. This enables the "run on simulator" for iOS, and in my test was able to launch the project in the simulator.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a new Titanium Mobile project in Studio
      2) Select "Android" as the only deployment target
      3) When the project is created, open TiApp.xml and note that only Android is available to select/deselect
      4) Open the pure xml tab of TiApp.xml and set deploy target for iOS to "true"

      Your project can be launched in the simulator, but installed on device will launch then quit and has no icon.

      Either no ability to add or remove targets after project creation or the ability to add with the same default structure as during project creation.

      Suggested solution:

      • user checks platform option in tiapp.xml
      • Call platform script to initialize new platform. This would (most likely) add another build folder, and copy several resources into a specific location
      • Update tiapp.xml with reference to new platform
      • Validate project specifics as per what we would do in the new project wizard
      • Suggest we don't remove platform support...alerting the user we can't remove platform support for a project if they try to uncheck a box.


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