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iOS: Packaging - Appstore distribution not possible via Studio if Adhoc Distribution is done first


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      Packaging App via Studio for Adhoc Distribution first will cause subsequent attempts to package for Appstore to fail. Studio will continue to send the command including "dist-adhoc". This results in inaccurate info presented in the console, as well as an incorrect toast saying the app store build was successful and complete.

      However, packaging for Appstore before Adhoc will succeed as expected and the project can be seen in Xcode organizer with Studio console output
      [INFO] : Build type: production
      [INFO] : Building for target: dist-appstore

      Packaging via CLI works as expected, and running a "dist-appstore" build command on an affected project works as expected, and seems to set the project correctly, so presumably the project could then be packaged for appstore in Studio as expected

      Test steps:
      1. Create a project
      2. Distribute - Adhoc/Enterprise
      3. Distribute - Apple iTunes Store

      Actual result:
      After step 3

      [INFO] :   Build type: production
      [INFO] :   Building for target: dist-adhoc

      At completion, Toast saying success and complete.

      Expected result:
      Building for target: dist-appstore
      The project should be placed in the archive section of the Xcode organizer


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