Currently the Titanium project wizard defines all the checkboxes for deployment targets. We should have the mobileweb plugin contribute the following attributes through the extension point from TISTUD-3066:

      1. A display name ("Mobile Web");
      2. A string for platform type ("mobileweb") that will be used by CLI and other necessary operations;
      3. A mean to check if the requirement for platform support is met, i.e. if the Titanium SDK contains the platform, if the platform SDK is installed (not applicable to Mobile Web), and if the OS supports the platform (not applicable here either), so the project wizard could enable/disable the checkbox as appropriate. It should return a status so we could display a warning or error message if needed.
      4. Potentially a post-project creation hook to perform any Mobile Web specific task needed (don't think we have any?).
      5. An optional "priority" attribute to control the order of the platforms both here and in tiapp.xml. Currently we are sorting them in alphabetical order, but there might be a case in the future where we like to have the flexibility.


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