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Run Configurations: Project Text Field is Read Only for most configs


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      Some run configurations have a read-only Project text field if the user wants to manually type in the project name. The browse button works correctly.

      This is not a regression.

      List of Project Text Field Read-Only Run Configs:

      Titanium Android App Store Distribution
      Titanium Android Application Installer
      Titanium Android Module Packager
      Titanium Apple Ad Hoc/Enterprise Distribution
      Titanium Apple iTunes Distribution
      Titanium iOS Application Installer
      Titanium iOS Module Packager
      Titanium Mobile Web Module Packager

      List of Correctly-Behaving Run Configs:

      Titanium Android Emulator
      Titanium iOS Simulator
      Titanium Mobile Web Distribution
      Titanium Mobile Web Preview on Emulator
      Titanium Mobile Web Previewer

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open run configs menu.
      2. Click in the Project text field for a run config from the failure list above.

      Actual Result:

      Field is readonly, user can't manually edit the field.

      Expected Result:

      User should be able to manually edit the field, as they can in some run configs from the above 'correctly behaving' list.


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