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Studio: Build for device and packaging show a list of simulators instead of SDK.


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      While investigating issues discovered with Xcode 4.5, it became clear that what we were seeing as a bug where the SDK scripts were ignoring what was set as iOS SDK during Studio build for device or packaging was actually Studio displaying a list of simulator versions.

      This option should show either the actual list of SDK versions. The result of setting something other than an available SDK is that the setting is ignored. Since this is a list of emulators, this happens nearly every build (unless you choose a version where you have both simulator and SDK).

      This is not a regression, it occurs in many previous versions.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Ensure xcode-select path and Studio preference are in sync. (refresh and restart Studio if required)
      2) run terminal command "xcodebuild -showsdks" for later comparison
      3) Create a new project in Studio and attempt to build for device.
      4) Note pull-down options

      Pull-down contains a list of simulators. Check the xcodebuild results which should be something like:

      OS X SDKs:
      	Mac OS X 10.7                 	-sdk macosx10.7
      	OS X 10.8                     	-sdk macosx10.8
      iOS SDKs:
      	iOS 6.0                       	-sdk iphoneos6.0
      iOS Simulator SDKs:
      	Simulator - iOS 5.0           	-sdk iphonesimulator5.0
      	Simulator - iOS 5.1           	-sdk iphonesimulator5.1
      	Simulator - iOS 6.0           	-sdk iphonesimulator6.0

      A list of SDKs.


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