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      Currently, Studio involves a three-step installation:

      1. Install Titanium Studio
      2. Install required software (JDK, Node.js, Git)
      3. Configure platforms

      The first two steps seem clumsy and should be collapsed. This requires the following:

      1. For windows, add JDK, git and Node.js checks and installs to the installer
      2. For Mac, create an installer, and add Node.js check/install. Alternatively, publish Studio as an App Store app (requires OpenJDK:
      3. For Linux (Ubuntu), create a proper package with dependencies.

      For the third step, how can we prompt the user which platforms they wish to develop for, and help them through the configuration? Examples:

      • Android SDK pre-configuration
      • Android NDK
      • BlackBerry (VMWare Fusion, NDK)

      This should be an extensible model that allows us to plug in new platforms in the future. Ideally, we should also not require it all to be part of some monolithic installer, and some of these things can be downloaded on demand as needed.

      In 3.2.0, we will add JDK, git, and Node.js to Windows installer, and after the installation, we will prompt user which platforms they would like to setup and guide them through the process.


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