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Titanium Studio: Dashboard: Configuration Wizard: Android: Windows 7 Clean Install: installer never launches



      When Titanium Studio is installed on a new install of Windows 7, the Dashboard Configuration Wizard does not launch the Android install process. Everytime 'Install or Update Android SDK' is pressed, JDK installs, but the Android installer never launches. Restarting studio has no effect. This is not a regression.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install Windows 7 on a machine.
      2. Install Titanium Studio.
      3. Go to the Dashboard > Configuration Wizard > Android.
      4. Press 'Install or Update Android SDK'.

      Actual Result:

      Every time this is pressed, JDK installs. The Android installer never launches.

      The 'Install or Update Android SDK' pop-up info window never goes away.

      Expected Result:

      JDK should install as needed and the user should be prompted for further action (i.e., Restart Studio, Press Install Again), and/or the Android installer should launch.


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