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Creating an app in studio with "HTML-Based" template shows on "my apps" as "HTML Template" regardless of project name, and has the same GUID regardless of user


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      While testing pricing we noted an application appeared on Neha's "my apps" list shortly after she tried to create an HTML-based template project in studio. The GUID or name of the application on "my apps" did not match the studio project Neha created. The name on "my apps" was "HTML Template". Shortly after creation, and while browsing, Neha's "HTML Template" project disappeared from her apps list. Fortunately Chung witnessed this over our shoulders.

      Natalie was able to reproduce the "HTML template" entry on her account, and I was able to on mine. Although Neha's went missing, we looked at the GUID enough to see similarity with Natalie's GUID. Comparing that to mine, we all have the same GUID. See attached screens for Natalie's production list and my pre-prod list with the new UI.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a new studio project using "HTML-Based" template
      2) Check "my apps" list for "HTML Template"
      3) Check GUID

      GUID will be as seen for others, project will exist and not match name of studio project or GUID.

      App entry in "my apps" should have matching name and matching but unique GUID


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