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Titanium Studio: Install Titanium Module > Browse while Packaging Module Freezes Studio


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      If the Install Titanium Module... Browse window is open and a module packaging operation completes, studio will freeze. It is not possible to get a stack trace when studio is in this condition. Studio must be force-closed from the Activity Monitor.

      This is a new fail case, as the Install Module menu is new, and I could not recreate a similar freeze in Studio 2.0.2.

      Note: I was able to reproduce this every time in OS X, but I could not reproduce at all in Windows 7.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open Studio.
      2. Create a new Android module.
      3. Package the module to directory (i.e., /Downloads).
      4. While the module is still packaging, go to Help > Install Titanium Module > Install from URL Browse.

      Actual Result:

      When the packaging is complete, Studio freezes (screenshot attached).

      jstack does not work (console logs attached).

      studio log.txt attached.

      Expected Result:

      Studio should not freeze, and the user should be able to continue using it.


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