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Add Mobile Web project creation section to initial dashboard configuration page



      Extracted from TISTUD-1459:

      Additional section added to the initial configuration page. The tickets below were required to implement this feature.

      • Rename the "Configure" tab to "Get Started"
      • Confirm the Titanium SDK is downloaded (continuously check the SDKLocator to see if it's configured)
      • Run the browser configuration check to make sure Mobile Web is available (TISTUD-1414)
      • Extend current action to provide callback returning the name of the project (APSTUD-4800)
      • Add button to call new action to run project created in above step (APSTUD-4801), greyed out until a project is created, or there is at least one project in the workspace.
      • If the user happened to close and reopen the dashboard, the "just created" project might be lost. Pop up a dialog asking the user which project they wish to run.
      • Make sure wiki documentation is updated to reference the changed tab name of "Get Started" (https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/guides2/Setting+up+Titanium+Studio)

      Once a user has successfully gotten off the ground quickly with a mobile web project, we collapse the upper section and expand the lower. This allows them to configure their native platform support and expand into developing iOS, Android, BlackBerry and beyond applications.

      See https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/prd/Studio+Dashboard for more information.


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