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Titanium Studio: module packaging to project with dirty tiapp.xml fails to write module xml tags


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      If a module is packaged to a project with a dirty tiapp.xml (i.e., a module was just deleted using the red X), the module xml tags will not be written to the project tiapp.xml.

      This is not a regression. There is no log.

      This is related to TISTUD-1666, but this is a separate edge case.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new project.
      2. Create a new module.
      3. Package the module to the project.
      4. Delete the module from the project using TiApp Editor Overview (click the red X to delete module).

      This will dirty the tiapp.xml file and remove the module xml tags, but keep the module folder in the project.

      5. While the editor is still dirty, package the module again to the project.

      Expected Result:

      Module should package and appear in TiAPP Editor Overview, xml tags for the module should exist in the tiapp.xml file.

      Actual Result:

      Module packages, but does not appear in the TiAPP Editor Overview. The xml tags are not generated.

      It is worth noting the module tags will be added if the tiapp.xml file is dirty from other kinds of edits (i.e., changing the app version from 1.0 to 2.0).


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