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Titanium Studio: Preferences: cannot edit or leave titanium preferences menu with invalid values error


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      If the titanium preferences menu is opened, the user cannot navigate to a different menu. There is a pop-up with an invalid values error. Screenshot attached.

      Also, if individual titanium preferences are edited, the changes cannot be applied. The only way to leave the menu is to press cancel or close the entire preferences window. Screenshot attached.

      There are no log entries. This does not occur in 2.0.1 (regression). I do not believe this occurred in yesterday's build.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open studio, navigate to the titanium preferences menu (Preferences > Titanium Studio > Titanium).
      2. Attempt to navigate to a different menu (e.g., press General).

      Expected Result:

      The menu should change.

      Actual Result:

      Pop-up error indicating invalid values. Menu does not change.

      3. Change the Android SDK version (or any setting in the titanium preferences menu).
      4. Apply the changes (press Apply).

      Expected Result:

      The changes should be saved.

      Actual Result:

      Apply is not selectable.

      Note: The titanium preferences menu can only be exited by pressing Cancel or closing the entire preferences menu (press the window X).


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