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Titanium Studio: Content Assist - content assist menu persistent in the OS if popup info has focus


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      Content Assist menu is persistent in the OS if the assist popup info menu has focus (i.e., by clicking on it). Other OS program windows are now obfuscated by the content assist menu until the focus is shifted back to Titanium Studio proper or the regular content assist menu. Screenshot attached.

      Note: This is a lesser behavior of the fixed TISTUD-913.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open Studio and create a new project (or open an existing project).
      2. Click in the text editor of app.js (or any .js file).
      3. Press control + space to bring up the content assist menu.
      4. Select any item from the suggestion list by clicking on it.
      5. Click on the secondary popup that appears for that particular content assist item.
      6. Open any other program (such as Chrome) and move the other program window over the content assist menu.

      Expected Result:

      The content assist menu should disappear behind the other program window, as it should have the same OS hierarchy as Titanium Studio.

      Actual Result:

      The content assist menu persists and obfuscates the other program window until the focus shifts back to Studio or a regular content assist item.


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