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Building for iOS device in Studio 2.0 against SDK 2.0.0GA (Ad-Hoc certs and PUSH issues)


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      when I build for an iOS Device Xcode bounces in the dock for nearly a minute before it will unlock beachball and allow me to make a selection, it happens once before the first window shows and then once again before build.

      If I select Manage option - this whole Xcode bouncing in the dock repeatedly (like its loading and quitting again and again) happens ... its very slow.

      Compared to 1.x Studio which is much faster.

      The preselected provisioning profiles is not clear, and somehow I managed to build against an ad-hoc certificate, i did not consciously choose this) but it caused my Push Notification Process to throw up errors.

      I tried 2 possible certs that were available to me and both times it must have used an ad-hoc certificate.

      I went back to 1.x and rebuilt it. I preferred the ability to remove and add certificates manually at this stage. Always avoided confusion for me.


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