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Development of Titanium applications.

Issues: Unresolved

  • New Feature TISTUD-6313 Due Date: 23/Jun/14 Support mechanism to allow the developer to create custom build targets and build configurations
  • Bug TISTUD-6158 Cannot create a project in 3.2.1 (windows) for American Cancer Society
  • Bug TISTUD-6204 Android: Installing an app to android emulator takes more time to build every times in widows 7.

Issues: 30 Day Summary

Issues: 63 created and 55 resolved

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug TISTUD-6198 Yesterday 10:12 PM Studio: Cannot change alias for Android app publication
  • Bug TISTUD-6336 Yesterday 5:41 PM NPE after first launch of Studio
  • Improvement TISTUD-6338 Yesterday 5:41 PM Android:Top Project Context shows Android Application Installer option instead of Android Devices when multiple android devices is attached

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