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      Modules that only support specific chip sets such as i386 and armv7 have no way of specifying this in the build stream causing customers and module developers to modify the python build scripts to use the module

      As the device penetration for armv6 is quite low at this point, we will be removing armv6 support.

      Dropping armv6 in conjunction with no longer claiming support for Mac OS 10.6.x results in the following:

      • Minimum Xcode version: 4.3
        • Also supported 4.4 and 4.5 - soon 4.6
        • Since we don't support Snow leopard (10.6.8), you can't run:
          • Xcode 4.1 - otherwise possible, they dropped support for pre 4.3 builds (which require armv6)
          • Xcode 4.2 – The last to support Snow leopard
      • Minimum iOS SDK for compile: 5.1
        • 5.1 – Shipped with Xcode 4.3 has no support for armv6 by default
      • Minimum Mac OS – 10.7
        • Xcode determine this, if you have Xcode 4.3.3+ (If I remember correctly), you need Mac OS 10.7.4 or better to run
      • Minimum target device iOS version: 4.3

      As a note, when you submit without armv6 you must set the minimum iOS version to 4.3 or higher or Apple will reject the application.


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