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Android: TableView: A row below the blank section header row takes more height


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Low
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: Release 2.1.0, Release 2.1.4
    • Component/s: Android
    • Environment:

      Titanium Studio:
      Titanium SDK: 2.1.0.v20120613192252, 2.1.4.GA
      Android Device: Android Tab GT-P6200 (V3.2)
      Android Emulator 2.3
      Runtime: v8



      On Android tab device, the tableview row just above the section header row, that is blank, takes part of the height of the section header and hence has more height that all other rows in the tableview.

      This is not a regression. The issue occurs as far as 1.8.2

      Tested on

      The issue occurs only on Android 7" Galaxy Tab. The behavior was not seen on Galaxy Nexus (V4.0.2) and Motorola Milestone (V2.2)

      Android Emulator 2.3

      Steps To Reproduce

      1. Create Application and run on Android tab
      2. Check the table view for the height of the rows
      3. Click on a row below any header title, a minor gap is noticeable (as transparent lines, or blank depending on backgroundColor as seen in the screenshot attached TIMOB-9537_AndroidEmulator.png)

      Actual behavior

      The height of both instance of 'Row 2' is more as compared to other rows of the tableview. Check the screenshot Tablet_BlankHeader. This happens only for rows just above the blank header row. If the header row has a text then the height of each row is same. Check the screenshot Tablet_NonBlankHeader.


      The height of all table view rows should be same

      Repro sequence

      var _window = Ti.UI.createWindow();
      _window.backgroundColor = 'white';
      var rows = [
          	{title: 'Row 1'},
          	{title: 'Row 2'},
        	{header: '', title: 'Row 3'},
      	{title: 'Row 4'},
        	{title: 'Row 1'},
         	{title: 'Row 2'},
         	{header: '', title: 'Row 3'},
         	{title: 'Row 4'}
      		var tableview = Ti.UI.createTableView({	




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