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      Android, building with Titanium 1.7 and API 2.1, tested on a Nexus S running 2.3.4


      Is it just me, or does Titanium on Android not get the orientation of the initial splash screen right at launch when the device is in landscape?

      Launching a test application with the default Appcelerator logo as the splash screen (or KitchenSink, with its "sink" splash screen), everything works fine in portrait.

      But launching with the device held landscape, the splash screen appears stretched horizontally, as if the portrait image is being used and just stretched out.

      Note that in landscape the splash screen doesn't always appear at launch, and when it does it's usually just for a flash.

      Note #2: This doesn't seem to happen in a subsequent launch as described in TIMOB-4357. In that instance, when it relaunches before the described, the orientation of the splash screen behaves properly. (It also seems to slide in from the side, as opposed to zooming in as a regular from-scratch launch does.)


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