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Titanium Developer: Clicking save at project edit screen wipes out our default appicon.png and replaces with default_app_logo.png



      {html}<div><p>Recreate the fail case:</p>
      <p>Create a new mobile project in Developer.</p>
      <p>When you are finished creating it, you'll notice that the
      "Application Icon" is set to our standard, which is appicon.png.
      You'll see appicon.png in the filesystem under Resources/iphone and
      <p>When sitting at the project edit screen for the
      just-created-and-saved project, click "Save Changes" even though
      you have not changed anything.</p>
      <p>Click on the "Test & Package" tab. But don't launch the
      <p>Click back on the "Edit" tab.</p>
      <p>Look at the "Application Icon" field. It will now say
      "default_app_logo.png". If you look in the filesytem, you'll see
      Resources/default_app_logo.png (it wasn't there before you clicked
      Save Changes).</p>
      <p>What's happening? The code in Developer is checking your entry
      for Application Icon (which was set to appicon.png) and checking to
      see if that file exists in the Resources folder. Well it
      <strong>doesn't</strong> exist in the Resources folder, it exists
      in Resources/iphone and Resources/android. Not seeing it in
      Resources, Developer then copies out the file default_app_logo.png
      file to Resources and resets the Application Icon field to
      <p>appicon.png and default_app_logo.png are basically the same
      image, which is why we really haven't noticed this weirdness
      before. But the image in default_app_logo.png is 512x512, whereas
      the image in Resources/android/appicon.png is 128x128 and the image
      in Resources/iphone/appicon.png is 57x57.</p>
      <p>The large size of default_app_logo.png has caused a problem for
      the first time in Android: see ticket <a href=
      "/projects/32238/tickets/3104" title="Ticket #3104">#3104</a>.</p></div>{html}




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