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Android: Investigate "Material You" theme support on Android 12



      Android 12 has a new feature named "Material You" where setting the wallpaper will change the color theme of the system and it's expected for apps to change there color theme as well.

      To be investigated:
      Google hasn't released details on how exactly app developers can support this yet. Nor have they updated their material components libraries to support it either. Currently, all apps hard-code the colors in their themes (including Google's own material themes). In order to support changeable system color, we can't hard-code colors in the theme on Android 12 anymore.

      I suspect we'll have to define colors under a res/values-31 folder which uses the new Android 12 "system accent" color constants.

      I also suspect that we should ignore dark/night-mode on Android 12 in our theme. Our theme colors must still be defined by the system... and if the system defines different colors for dark/light mode, then we'll end up getting support for this for free when switching to system accent colors.

      This is also speculation until Google officially reveals how this will work for developers.




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