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Android: Add "datePickerStyle" support to Ti.UI.Picker


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      The Ti.UI.Picker view's datePickerStyle is currently iOS only. We should add support on Android. In particular, we should add the "compact" style which shows the picker as a read-only text field, and when tapped on, show a date/time selection dialog which matches Google's design guidelines.

      The "datePickerStyle" property needs to be supported by the following types on Android:

      Style Constants:
      Copy the following constants from Ti.UI.iOS to Ti.UI. Using the old constants should cause a deprecation warning on iOS.

      If the Android only boolean properties useSpinner or nativeSpinner are defined, then they must take priority over the datePickerStyle property to maintain backward compatibility. When these boolean properties are set true, then they must do the equivalent of DATE_PICKER_STYLE_WHEELS.

      Compact/Automatic Date Style:
      Android should show a read-only text field with a drop-down arrow. When tapped on, a selection dialog should appear.

      The iOS equivalent is this...

      Compact/Automatic Time Style:
      On Android it will appear as follows...

      The iOS equivalent is this...

      Inline Date Style:
      The picker appears as a calendar view.

      Inline Time Style:
      The picker appears as a clock view on Android and a field with spinners on iOS.

      Wheels Date Style:
      Spinner picker wheels appear for selecting month, day, and year.

      Wheels Time Style:
      Spinner picker wheels appear for selecting hours, minutes, and AM/PM.


        1. DatePickerStyleTest.js
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        2. PickerDate-Compact-Android.png
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        3. PickerDate-CompactDialog-Android.png
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        4. PickerDate-CompactDialog-iOS.png
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        5. PickerDate-Compact-iOS.png
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        6. PickerDate-Inline-Android.png
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        7. PickerDate-Inline-iOS.png
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        8. PickerDate-Wheels-Android.png
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        9. PickerDate-Wheels-iOS.png
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        10. PickerTime-Compact-Android.png
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        11. PickerTime-CompactDialog-Android.png
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        12. PickerTime-CompactDialog-iOS.png
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        13. PickerTime-Compact-iOS.png
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        14. PickerTime-Inline-Android.png
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        15. PickerTime-Inline-iOS.png
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        16. PickerTime-Wheels-Android.png
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        17. PickerTime-Wheels-iOS.png
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        18. TimePickerStyleTest.js
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