When doing a file upload using Titanium on iOS the file will be placed into ram when the upload starts and then removed from ram when finished. This works well for a single or small file.

      But when you have a large file or multiple file uploads happening at once can be an issue as it is very possible to use more than 1 GB of ram with just a few uploads of files that are not that big.

      When a upload is started with a 35Mb file for example when it is placed into ram it is not 35Mb of ram usage it seems to be 2x or 3x higher. So doing multiple uploads of a file will hit the devices ram hard. This can cause the app to crash or other apps be closed by the OS that should not be closed because you choose to upload a large video or a few files.

      We need the option to upload from disk not from ram. It seems we can use "NSInputStream" to upload the file from the disk not placing it into ram.

      More discussed here on how to do this:




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