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Android: Add support for app name localization



      Add support for the "app.xml" file in localization - this file is located in i18n/<LOCALE> and contains properties which are not strings used by the app, but strings used by the OS for localization (for example, the app name display on the dash). This file is laid out exactly like strings.xml but the string name property keys are used to set appropriate properties for display.

      Currently the only available key is:

      appname: The name of the app displayed on the dash

      This file is OPTIONAL. If not provided the settings in tiapp.xml for app properties take effect.

      Currently there is a shortcircuit in localecompiler.py to ignore the app.xml file on Android.

      See bug Ticket #2584 (/projects/32238/tickets/2584) for iOS ticket & solution commit.


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