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Android: Ti.Geolocation.hasLocationPermission() must return false if missing permission in manifest on OS versions older than 6.0



      If the below permission are missing in the app's "AndroidManifest.xml" file, then the Ti.Geolocation.hasLocationPermissions() method wrongly returns true on OS versions older than Android 6.0.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a Classic Titanium app project.
      2. In the "tiapp.xml", set <override-permissions/> to true as shown below.
      3. Use the below "app.js".
      4. Build and run on Android 5.1 or older.
      5. In the log, notice it wrongly returns true.


      // app.js
      var hasPermission = Ti.Geolocation.hasLocationPermissions();
      console.log("@@@ hasLocationPermissions: " + hasPermission);

      Recommended Solution:
      We should modify the code here to call the Java Context.checkCallingPermission() to see if the location permission is defined in the "AndroidManifest.xml".

      The Titanium build system will normally automatically add location permissions to the generated "AndroidManifest.xml" file. So, this issue will only happen if this behavior has been overridden via the <override-permissions/> property in the "tiapp.xml" file. Even if this is the case, the developer should add this locations by hand to the "tiapp.xml" file's Android manifest section like how a native developer would do it.




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