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Android: Exclude x86 and x86_64 architectures in "production" builds by default


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      2020 Sprint 3


      When doing a "production" build, the x86 and x86_64 architectures should be excluded from the built Android app by default. That is, only ARM architectures should be included.

      Note 1:
      We have been excluding x86 from "production" builds since Titanium 7.0.0. We want to maintain this behavior in Titanium 9.0.0's gradle builds and exclude x86_64 as well. These architectures are mostly needed for testing purposes in the Android emulator. Removing these architectures can reduce the APK size by a significant amount. Also, physical Android device that support x86 are extremely rare.

      Note 2:
      Modules built with Titanium 8.x.x and older do not support the x86_64 architecture. Only modules built with Titanium 9.0.0 and higher support x86_64. When you include a module that does NOT support x86_64 into a Titanium 9.0.0 or newer app, then the build system will strip out all x86_64 architectures from the app. It's all or nothing, otherwise a crash will occur on an x84_64 device/emulator. This means if you want your app to support x86_64, then all modules must be built with Titanium 9.0.0 or higher.

      How to Override:
      You can override this behavior and specify which architectures you want to include in the build by adding the following <abi/> entry in the "tiapp.xml" file.

      <ti:app xmlns:ti="http://ti.appcelerator.org">


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