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Opening window in Ti.UI.Tab randomly results in black screen


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    • Affects Version/s: Release 7.4.1
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      One of our apps suffers from windows appearing black randomly. Navbar & Tabbar stay functional.
      No exception, error or even warning is thrown and navigating back & forth renders the window normally again.

      Attached are a video and a screenshot demonstrating the issue. We tried but could not create a sample app that repproduces our issue.

      The view is opened in the tab by calling;

      $.productsTab.open(new (controller)({
          productCategory: category,

      Full Description;
      In one of our production apps we're having a problem where sometimes a window transitions into the view completely black. Only the navigation bar and tab bar are visible to the user. The UX is as follows; When the user is on the "Product Categories" list view and taps a row, the "Product Category" view is opened, displaying products from that category. Usually this works as expected, however occasionally the "Product Category" window is completely black.

      The odd thing is that whenever the "Product Category" window is blacked out there are *no* strange logs, the navbar & tabbar are functional, and returning to the "Product Categories" view, and reopening the "Product Category" will work as expected.

      Because we can't consistently replicate the issue it's been difficult to fix. Initial thoughts were a memory leak, but after some refactoring the app stays well below 100Mb memory usage.

      Even after compiling and running the app through Xcode, there are no strange logs indicating that the window can't render properly. We've tried compiling with `KMETHOD_DEBUG` & `KOBJECT_MEMORY_DEBUG` enabled, unfortionately this resulted in to many logs so we weren't able to get to the black screen with those enabeld.

      This issue (AC-5979) seems pretty much identical to the issue that we're having. As stated by @dbankier in this comment, the issue is very hard to replicate.

      Without any warning, error or exception message finding other related issues or possible cause has been difficult.




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