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Android:High rate of Android ANRs and frozen frames


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      The enterprise customer  received reports from a customer that their Android app has been producing a high number of ANRs (0.73%, over the bad behaviour threshold of 0.47% and way over their peers median of 0.2%). We have looked into the analytics on the Google Play developer panel and there are multiple causes.  Have attached the top singular ANR (Input dispatching timed out (Waiting because no window has focus but there is a focused application that may eventually add a window when it finishes starting up.), VisibleToUser) and also one that seems to be more prevalent, but as the main error is slightly different they aren't grouped together (Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send non-key event because the touched window has not finished processing certain input events that were delivered to it over 500.0ms ago. Wait queue length: 29. Wait queue head age: 6053.5ms.), VisibleToUser). 

      Is it possible to assist them in tracking down the cause of these ANRs? The testing team have been unable to reproduce them, so even any advice as to where they can find them would be appreciated. 

      Additionally, the app has a high percentage of users that encounter frozen frames (just shy of 50%).

      Some queries from the customer:

      Do you have a set of best practices in order to avoid this? 
      Do I understand correctly that the Ti.Worker module doesn't actually spin up other threads and instead just simulates it on one thread by running a worker asynchronously? 

      Note: this seems to just be happening on android 8+ and titanium SDK 7.5.1.GA.


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