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Android: An OS forced-quit app displays a blank window upon relaunch as of 8.0.0


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      2019 Sprint 7, 2019 Sprint 8, 2019 Sprint 9, 2019 Sprint 10


      If the OS force-quits the app (such as due to low memory), then when you relaunch the app later, it'll show a blank window as of Titanium 8.0.0.

      This is not an issue if the end-user force-quits the app.
      This is not an issue when the app is launched via a data intent such as URL scheme or notification.

      This was not an issue before Titanium 8.0.0 (the old code would schedule an app restart).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. On Android, go to its "Developer Options" screen.
      2. Tap on the "Background process limit" row. (It's near the bottom of the list.)
      3. Tap on "No background processes". (This tells the OS to force quit the last displayed app when launching another app.)
      4. Create a "Classic" default Titanium project.
      5. Build and run on the same Android device configured above.
      6. Wait for the app to launch.
      7. Tap on the Android "Home" button.
      8. Launch a different app such as "Gmail".
      9. Tap on the Android "Home" button.
      10. Resume the Titanium app.

      When resuming/relaunching the app, a blank window is displayed.

      Expected Result:
      Since the app was forced-quit by the OS, the app should restart normally, starting with the splash screen.

      When the Android OS force-quits the app, next time you relaunch it with the same intent, the OS will attempt to restore it back to its previous state starting with its top-most child activity. The OS will recreate the activities in reverse order, starting with the last displayed top-most child activity and ending with the root activity. The OS won't attempt to restore/recreate the parent activity until you close/finish/destroy the child activity.

      The OS won't perform the above restore behavior if the end-user force-quits the app.

      (Ticket description was rewritten now that issue has been isolated.)


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