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Issues setting up Titanium with Android


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      Windows 10, Titanium CLI v5.1.1, Accelerator v7.0.5, Titanium SDK 7.3.0.GA

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      There seems to be some major issues with getting the latest version of Titanium to work with Android.

      When running appc ti info command, the Android section says:

      Android Issues
        ×  Missing required Android SDK tools: zipalign, aapt, aidl, dx
           The Android SDK located at C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Android\sdk has incomplete or
           out-of-date packages.
           Current installed Android SDK tools:
             Android SDK Tools:          26.1.1  (Supported: <=26.x)
             Android SDK Platform Tools: 28.0.0  (Supported: 27.x)
             Android SDK Build Tools:    23.0.1  (Supported: >=25.x <=27.x)
           Make sure you have the latest Android SDK Tools, Platform Tools, and Build Tools installed.
           You can also specify the exact location of these required tools by running:
             appc ti config android.executables.zipalign "C:\path\to\android-sdk\zipalign.exe"
             appc ti config android.executables.aapt "C:\path\to\android-sdk\aapt.exe"
             appc ti config android.executables.aidl "C:\path\to\android-sdk\aidl.exe"
             appc ti config android.executables.dx "C:\path\to\android-sdk\dx.bat"
           If you need to, run "appc titanium setup android" to reconfigure the Titanium Android settings.

      Issue 1: SDK Platform Tools
      Titanium requires SDK Platform Tools for 27.x, as 28.x is not supported yet. The issue is that Android Studio does not allow you to pick and choose which Platform tool version you can use and automatically installs the latest version (unlike SDK versions). This problem can be solved by installing it manually using:


      and replacing:


      But there is no mention of this in the docs. In fact the docs look very out of date:

      Better yet, it may also be a good idea to update Titanium platform to use 28.x.

      Issue 2: Incorrect Build tool
      I was really confused by this issue as I don't even have 23.x installed. I had 26.x and 27.x installed. I found out it was because I set my build version on the config as 23 using the CLI some time ago. So the solution was:

      appc ti config -r android.buildTools.selectedVersion

      A clearer message would help a lot.

      Issue 3: android executable not found
      After I fixed the above 2 issues, appc ti info gave no more issues on the Android section.

      However, I then ran appc ti setup android and went on "check".

      The Android section had all ticks except for the following:

      × android "android" executable not found; please reinstall Android SDK

      I found that this should not be shown as the tool is deprecated was originally posted here more than a year back:


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