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Android: Add "versionCode" to tiapp.xml template


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    • Fix Version/s: Release 7.5.0
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      2018 Sprint 22


      Currently the default tiapp.xml doesn't include the versionName or versionCode in the manifest. It will always use versionNumber 1 and versionCode 1 in the AndroidManifest. This will lead to an error when a user uploads an update to the playstore and has to search the documentation or internet to find out where to make these settings.

      Adding the versionNumber to the tiapp.xml will give the user a place to start. And by using the <version> number inside the versionName it will automatically stay in sync with the iOS version. Advanced users can still overwrite the versionName with a custom name like before by adding the parameter to tiapp.xml


      • android:versionCode is exposed in the <manifest> block
      • user creates an update and can increase the version code
      • AndroidManifest will use the versionCode from the <manifest> block and the <version>
      • if a user wants to have a different version number he can add android:versionName to the tiapp.xml (like he would do it today or already has) and it will overwrite the <version> string inside the AndroidManifest

      Existing apps with a custom android:versionCode and android:versionName would still use those values.
      New apps will use the new android:versionCode from <manifest> and the normal <version> number as android:versionName




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