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Major Regression in Android SDK 1.5 HttpClient



      <p>I have built an Android application that uses extensive use of
      HttpClient to contact a remote server. The application is stable
      and I haven't changed any of the networking code in quite a
      <p>I'm eager to use the new Android features in the 1.5 SDK. After
      upgrading to the 1.5 SDK my application can no longer talk to the
      client using HttpClient.</p>
      <p>The remote server is Tomcat. Because of ticket <a href=
      "/projects/32238/tickets/968" title="Ticket #968">#968</a>, I can't
      rely on the jsessionid cookie to be properly utilized by
      HttpClient, so to get around it, I append the jsessionid to the end
      of the URL as necessary. Something this:</p>
      <p>This all worked correctly and without fail until I upgraded to
      the 1.5 SDK. Now, when the jsessionid is appended to the URL,
      Tomcat throws a 404 error with this in the error message:</p>
      <p>The requested resource
      is not available.</p>
      <p>You can see in the error message that the semicolon before
      jsessionid was URL encoded, as was the equals sign after
      jsessionid. I don't know for sure, but I assume that pre 1.5 these
      characters were NOT encoded.</p>
      <p>This is a show stopper bug for me. Due to ticket <a href=
      "/projects/32238/tickets/968" title="Ticket #968">#968</a> I can't
      rely on the jsessionid cookie, and the work around of appending
      jsessionid to the URL is now failing too. My app effectively cannot
      contact the server since the session ID cannot be passed along.
      Maybe Tomcat is pickier than other servers, but I can't just up and
      change servers especially when it worked before.</p>
      <p>Could you please investigate?</p>
      <p>Thank you and keep up the great work on Appcelerator




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