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Android: Support setting true URIs for EXTRA_STREAM



      {html}<div><p>Our <code>IntentProxy.getData</code> is implemented by returning
      <code>Intent.getDataString</code> ("The same as getData(), but
      returns the URI as an encoded String" [android docs]). This means
      we can't then take that information and pass it back into a new
      intent's EXTRA_STREAM field. (EXTRA_STREAM: "A content: URI holding
      a stream of data associated with the Intent, used with ACTION_SEND
      to supply the data being sent.").<br></p>
      <p>This, in turn, means we can't use our new intents and such to do
      something like the following:</p>
      <li>Start the sound recorder activity and get the Uri to the
      recorded sound file back.</li>
      <li>Pass that uri to a picker for ACTION_SEND (so as to send the
      audio file to somebody.)</li>
      <p>For example, if you try the attached win.js and select the Gmail
      app as the sending mechanism, Gmail crashes with</p>
      <code>W/Bundle (30615): Key android.intent.extra.STREAM expected Parcelable but value was a java.lang.String. The default value <null> was returned.
      W/Bundle (30615): Attempt to cast generated internal exception:
      W/Bundle (30615): java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String</code>




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