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Android: Build warning appears when Android build-tools v27 or higher is installed


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      2018 Sprint 10 SDK, 2018 Sprint 11 SDK, 2018 Sprint 12 SDK


      In the Android SDK, if you install build-tools version 27.0.0 or higher and then do an Android build via Titanium, then the following warning message will be logged...

      [WARN] :   Android Build Tools 27.0.3 are too new and may or may not work with Titanium.
      [WARN] :   If you encounter problems, select a supported version with:
      [WARN] :      appc ti config android.buildTools.selectedVersion ##.##.##
      [WARN] :    where ##.##.## is a version in /Users/user/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools that is 26.x

      Android build-tools 27.x.x so far appears to work fine with Titanium builds. So, this warning is harmless for now. But in the future, Google could make breaking changes to their build-tools and we need to protect against this to help future proof our build system.


      1. Open Google's "Android SDK Manager".
      2. Make sure the newest 26.x.x build-tools version is installed.
      3. Make sure the newest 27.x.x build-tools version is installed.
      4. Do a Titanium Android build.
      5. Observe the log for the above mentioned warning.

      Titanium currently only supports build-tools version 26.x.x as defined by our "package.json" here...

      But the CLI ignores this setting and always uses the newest build-tools version available in the Android SDK instead of using the preferred version defined by our "package.json". This is because the linked code below will return a "maybe" string instead of true for a version higher than supported version, but it still evaluates as a positive in the if condition...

      Recommended Solution:
      CLI should be changed to favor the build-tools version defined in the "package.json". A newer version outside of this range should only be selected if no preferred version is installed, in which case, the build-tools warning is desired.

      We should not make this change until after updating Titanium's "package.json" to support build-tools 27.x.x. This is to avoid a possible breaking change with developers who only have 27.x.x installed. (Shouldn't cause an issue, but better safe than sorry.)


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