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Include paths for iphone and android are not based on the same starting point



      {html}<div><p>This issue is making me nuts! </p>
      <p>I have broken my app into small, manageable pieces and link
      things together using Titanium.include and the 'url' property when
      creating a new window.</p>
      <p>Both of these require a 'path' to a .js file. The trouble is,
      one platform seems to want it relative to the root and the other
      relative to where the file is being included from. The url property
      used to be the same (iphone vs android) until 1.5, but after I
      upgraded today I found that it had changed on android requiring me
      to fiddle the paths to get the app working again.</p>
      <p>Can we please have it one way or the other on all platforms? I
      am trying to build a core of code that will work across all
      platforms and having to deal with varying path models is just
      making my code that much more complex.</p>




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