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Android: Add property to release space when hiding an object


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      On Android you can set 3 visible values: visible, invisible and gone. Currently gone is not supported in Titanum. With this setting you can free the space an object has when hiding it.

      The screenshot shows two vertical layout views with the first three elements hidden. On the left side is the normal behaviour; on the right side I've used gone instead of invisible (the four bottom boxes move up).

      The property is called `hiddenBehavior` and can control the behavior when hiding a view. When you set it to `true` and call `hide()` it will either release the space (new) or retain the space (default). Default value is still Ti.UI.VIEW_INVISIBLE so it behaves like normal when you don't change it.
      When you show the object again it will take up the previous space again

      Current workaround to release the space:
      Hiding: save the current object height, hide the object, set the height to 0.
      Showing: show the object, set the height to the saved value.

      Not sure if this is possible on iOS. Perhaps someone else can add this part




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