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iOS: Build fails when selecting iOS 9.0 and watchOS 2.0 using iOS SDK 9.3 or 9.2


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: High
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: Release 6.0.0, Release 5.5.0, Release 5.5.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: iOS
    • Environment:

      MacOS 10.12 (16A313a)
      Ti SDK 5.5.0.GA
      Appc NPM 4.2.7
      Appc CLI 5.5.0
      Alloy 1.9.2
      Xcode 8.0 (8A218a)


      I receive the below error when trying to build for iOS 9.0 and WatchOS 2.0 sims using the iOS SDK 9.3 or 9.2. One example command is: appc run --platform ios --log-level trace --ios-version 9.3 --sim-version 9.0 --watch-device-id E5CE2E3B-84AB-453B-B3FE-0BDD4BBBCBE4 --launch-watch-app --device-id 5C5D053D-D4AE-451F-8573-2E4174315471
      The error received is:

      [ERROR] :  ** BUILD FAILED **
      [ERROR] :  The following build commands failed:
      [ERROR] :  	CompileSwift normal i386 /Users/Eric/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/ClassicWatch3/build/iphone/extensions/ClassicWatch3/ClassicWatch3 WatchKit Extension/NotificationController.swift
      [ERROR] :  	CompileSwift normal i386 /Users/Eric/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/ClassicWatch3/build/iphone/extensions/ClassicWatch3/ClassicWatch3 WatchKit Extension/ExtensionDelegate.swift
      [ERROR] :  	CompileSwift normal i386 /Users/Eric/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/ClassicWatch3/build/iphone/extensions/ClassicWatch3/ClassicWatch3 WatchKit Extension/InterfaceController.swift
      [ERROR] :  	CompileSwiftSources normal i386 com.apple.xcode.tools.swift.compiler
      [ERROR] :  (4 failures)

      Steps to reproduce issue
      1. Create a new project
      2. Add a WatchOS app to your project
      3. Build the project for simulators iOS 9.0/WatchOS 2.0 using the iOS SDK 9.3 (you can set this in the run configurations, if in Studio)

      Expected Results
      The app builds and runs without issue

      Actual Results
      The build fails with the above error

      I have encountered this and received the below error in Studio, but the above error is shown in the CLI with the same command:

      [TRACE] :  [ioslib] Waiting for Watch App to install...
      [ERROR] :  Watch App installation failure: __96-[SPCompanionAppInstaller sendInstallationDataWithPath:dataType:name:info:installer:completion:]_block_invoke337, fileHandle == nil for com.appc.classic.watchkitapp, path: /Users/Eric/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/F1F70A5E-331E-4051-86BA-0B550180CFEF/data/Library/Caches/com.apple.companionappd/com.appc.classic.watchkitapp.zip

      These are the sims/xcode version selected:

      [TRACE] :  [ioslib] Selected iOS Simulator: iPhone 5
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib]   UDID    = 5C5D053D-D4AE-451F-8573-2E4174315471
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib]   iOS     = 9.0
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib] Selected WatchOS Simulator: Apple Watch - 38mm
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib]   UDID    = E5CE2E3B-84AB-453B-B3FE-0BDD4BBBCBE4
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib]   WatchOS = 2.0
      [TRACE] :  [ioslib] Autoselected Xcode: 7.3.1


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