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Android: Memory leak with Ti.UI.TabGroup


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      here my issue is, in TabGroups I have created four tabs and mapped four controllers to those tabs each. after navigating to any other controller im unable to clear heapmemory or unable to close opened controllers in four tabs

      I have check heap memory creation in ddms tool. It is crashing my android app.

      Test Code:

      var allUserstories = Alloy.createController('allUserstories').getView();
      var myUserstories = Alloy.createController('myUserstories').getView();
      var confidenceReport = Alloy.createController('confidenceReport').getView();
      var retrospectiveWn = Alloy.createController('retrospectiveWn').getView();
      var tabGroup = Ti.UI.createTabGroup(
      { tabs : [tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4], smoothScrollOnTabClick : true, }
      var tab1 = Ti.UI.createTab(
      { window : allUserstories, title : 'All Issues' }
      tab2 = Ti.UI.createTab(
      { window : myUserstories, title : 'My Issues' }
      tab3 = Ti.UI.createTab(
      { window : confidenceReport, title : 'Confidence Report' }
      tab4 = Ti.UI.createTab(
      { window : retrospectiveWn, title : 'Retrospective' }

      Once I navigate to any other controller like naxtController.js or back to previousController.js I have to destroy all these four tabs associated tab controllers. Where in each controller there consist's a lot of view and other UI objects created which need to garbage collected.


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