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Windows: Install of app to Windows 10 Mobile device fails on second build of application


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      2016 Sprint 08 SDK



      When building a app to a Windows 10 Mobile device a second time the application fails to install with the below error

      [ERROR] Failed to install app (code 0x80073CFB): Deployment of package com.prod.classic_1.0.0.0_arm__d7c8pgvss6ysm was blocked because the provided package has the same identity as an already-installed package but the contents are different. Increment the version number of the package to be installed, or remove the old package for every user on the system before installing this package.

      It seems that we should either increment the packages version number each build or handle the fail case accordingly and uninstall and reinstall the app.

      I tried to use WinAppDeployCmd update to update the app, but that command failed with Windows cannot update package com.prod.classic_1.0.0.0_neutral_d7c8pgvss6ysm because the previous version is not installed. Install package com.prod.classic_1.0.0.0_neutral_d7c8pgvss6ysm instead of updating it., despite me using the same file as the install command used.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Build to a Windows 10 Mobile phone using appc run -p windows -T wp-device --wp-sdk 10.0
      2. Rebuild the app using appc run -p windows -T wp-device --wp-sdk 10.0

      Actual result

      The app fails to install, a developer will currently have to uninstall their app each build

      Expected result

      The app should be reinstalled, a developer should not have to remove the same application each time they build


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